Organic Assam Green Tea

Organic Assam Green Tea

Organic Assam Green Tea :

Organic Green Tea is a non-fermented tea with pale greenish liquor and has a raw, pungent flavour. It contains antioxidants which help fight cholesterol, control heart diseases and high blood pressure. Other health benefits of green tea include aiding digestion, protecting tooth decay, increasing alertness and reducing fatigue. Indian tea manufacturers are now making high quality green teas in all tea growing regions of India. We bring you a selection of 4 good varieties of this tea.

Grown and manufactured in the Brahmaputra Valley, this exquisite Green tea is produced organically, grown in tea bushes. Made two leaves and a bud, the tea is gently hand rolled and dried without the process of fermentation, thereby containing antioxidants beneficial for weight loss, cholesterol control and other ailments.

Drinking preference: Drink without milk. Honey, lemon or fresh mint leaves maybe added if desired.

Brewing instructions (Hot Tea): Add half teaspoon of organic green tea leaves into a pot. Boil fresh water and let it cool to about 80 degrees. Pour this water into the pot and let it brew for 3-4 minutes till the leaves settle down. Pour the liquor into your cups and relish the flavour of this exquisite green tea. You may repeat brewing the same leaves for at least 2-3 times. Add lemon, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron or honey if desired.

Brewing instructions (Ice Tea): Prepare the green tea liquor as per above instructions. Strain the tea liquor into a jug and cool the same in your refrigerator. Add ice, lemon, and honey into a glass and pour the cooled liquor into your glass. Garnish high-quality green tea with mint leaves before serving.